Unable to export settings for toolbar buttons I made

Unable to export settings for buttons I made for toolbar.
When settings are imported to another instance of DO8 , other settings are there but my buttons are missing. Is this normal or is there a work-around?
Thanks , RBELL

Did you export your settings using the Import/Export Dialog that looks like this?

If so, try checking the option to export all toolbars which should including everything in your toolbars directories (both in the Opus program files area and in your user profile area).

If you didn't use the dialog above then I suspect you've just saved your Preferences to a file, which basically only includes registry settings.

To add to Nudels' fine suggestions, even if you exported your settings in the way he's described, when you 'import' them you might also want to make sure that the 'Overwrite existing...' checkboxes are selected for the options that have them on the Import tab of the Settings Export and Import dialog. If not, then I think only entire new toolbars would be imported and not 'buttons' you added or edited on existing toolbars (say the default toolbar).

Thanks fellows; Checking the "Overwwite existing toolbars" did the trick.