Unable to paste commands in the toolbars section

Hello everybody,

I just updated from opus 9 to 10. Although i backed up my configuration, the toolbars were not there after the installation (i didn't uninstall the older version).
My old toolbars cannot be found under customization, so that I am doing everything again.

I try to paste commands but either I get the icon Ø (indicating that is not possible) or it just won't do anything.

Any help?

P.S. How can I make from the view mode a circel button?
P.S. How can I backup everything in the future, so that I don't have to do everything all over again? Ist it possible to save the lister also?

Hi Filimon,

When you right-click a toolbar and select "Customize" (or just Alt-click if you have that enabled in Prefs / Toolbars / Options / "Alt-Click to Edit Toolbars"), then double-click a button, do you see an "Image" field that you can double click to select an icon?

In the Settings menu you can backup your entire configuration to an ocb file.

Wishing you a beautiful day. :slight_smile:

See near the top of the FAQ list for info on how to install the Opus 9 toolbars in Opus 10.

Well my old toolbars aren't there for some reason... Under toolbars I can find "Applications, Drives, NerOpus" etc. but no "ListerMenu, Pathbar" as shown in this FAQ. Maybe I clicked on the "Reset to default toolbars" and the are gone forever? :unamused:

That is the reason why I do everything from scratch.
I still don't understand why I can't customize the toolbars (I can move things around and edit though, but adding isn't possible).

Keep reading the FAQ I linked... The toolbars are attached to the thread. :slight_smile:

OK thanks. I overcame the problem and created a new button, which I edited afterwards.

I now noticed, that after the install I am not able to drag any files or folders in opus.This is wierd. How can I fix this?

Make sure you aren't in Power mode. Right-click the file display -> View. If you are in Power, Pick Details or any other mode instead.

In any event... he said:

So... you presumably know about the Settings -> Backup & Restore feature - yes? If so, you can rename the OCB backup file to ZIP, extract the contents, and get your old ListerMenu, Pathbar, and Toolbar files from there, and copy them back to your new v10 installation. That is - IF you made customizations that obviously wouldn't be included in the default copies Leo referenced as being attached to the FAQ.

Thank you all for your fast replies.

A last question: All keyboard shortcuts (Ctr+C for example) stopped to work with v 9 and they still don't work. Any ideas?

Keyboard shortcuts for things like Ctrl-C are tied to the menu items.

You have presumably turned off the menus, which also loses the shortcuts.

You can create standalone shortcuts if you want, via Customize -> Keys.

The standalone shortcuts work. Thanks.

I now discovered the very handy "zip & email" option. Can I make Opus to re-direct me to gmail or yahoo-mail and send the email from there after the zip file is already attached?