Unable to perform file/folder operations in dopus (the system cannot fine the file specified)

Just started recently, possibly with the last update. When I try and copy or move a file to my D drive, where I keep all my files, I get this error. Even just trying to create a new folder presents the same error and it appesrs i'm not able to do anything.

Using FIle Explorer in the same location works fine.


What's special about the D drive? Is it a normal local Windows NTFS drive, or something else?

Yeah just a normal Windows NTFS drive on an internal SSD. I moved my user folder over to it as I have more space on the D drive.

I've been running like this for a few years and been using opus 13 and previously opus 12 with no problems until now.

I've noticed that I don't have the issue on the root of D drive but as soon as I go into the users folder i'm no longer able to perform file operations using Directory Opus.

The Users folder would normally be on the C drive. How have you moved it? That might be key.

It could also be something outside of Opus changing, if it was working in Opus 13 before but no longer is. E.g. Antivirus might be blocking Opus from touching anything below the Users folder on that drive.

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Your comment about antivirus got me thinking that it might be related to Windows security and sure enough that was the issue.

Once I added Directory Opus as allowed app it started working again.


Thanks for your help

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Microsoft's antivirus is worse than the threat of actual viruses. :slight_smile: