Unable to resolve host name on News and Updates panel

When I click on to help button Program Updates and Directory Opus New and Updates panel displays I get a message "Unable to Resolve Host Name"

Are you using a proxy to access the web?

You can download the same updates from here (or via the links on the forum posts for new releases): https://www.gpsoft.com.au/DScripts/download.asp

I've had a similar problem going back at least 6 months where the spinner would just continue spinning.
Stopping it and retyring the Updates usually works but it takes 2 tries.

No I don't believe I'm running a proxy access to the web.
My other computer has a licensed copy of DOPUS and it works on my WIFI network


Can you access gpsoft.com.au in your web browser from the machine that's having problems?

Have you messed around with your hosts file or anything like that?

Yes. I can access gpsoft.com.au from the machine that's having trouble.
I have not knowingly messed around with hosts.

Maybe check if your antivirus might be blocking it in some way.