Unable to restore dopus 9 backup after uninstalling dopus 10

i backed up my configuration in dopus 9 before trying the 60 day trial of version 10. After i uninstalled 10 and reverted back to my old version, it won't let me restore my configuration. it says "restore failed". No error messages or indications as to what could be wrong. Any help would be so appreciated!

If you zip up the config and send it to me via a private message, I'll see if I can tell why it won't restore.

Now i'm able to restore, but it won't open. this is the message i'm getting tonight

Are you (now) trying to import an Opus 10 config backup into Opus 9?

What changed between when you got an error message and when you got a crash?

As I said before, I'll look at the config if you PM it to me.

Restoring v10 Backup (if saved after importing from 9 to 10) with v9 is not possible and causes the crash!

I don't know how you guys can misunderstand "i backed up my configuration in dopus 9 before" sentence. It's clear and impossible to understand wrong. My english is not so good, but I fully understand that guy backup config first, then install 10th version for tests, then revert to 9th version then trying to restore backup previously created. Even in title is "unable to restore dopus 9 backup".Clear and easy, enough data to understanding problem imho.

I fully understand that, but I am trying to understand why the problem changed from the first post, where it showed an error message, to the later post where it is crashing.

So I wondered if what was being done now isn't the same thing that wasn't being done to start with, which may explain the difference.

This is why the "(now)" was in my reply asking if the original poster was now trying an Opus 10 config backup, even though they weren't to begin with.

(Regardless of all that, if the config file is sent to me I'll take a look at it. That's probably the quickest/easiest way to get to the bottom of whatever is going wrong.)

I also make mistakes or didn't read/write carefully enough sometimes as English is not my native language, too.

But don't be angry, the message you showed above appears when restoring a v10 config into v9 and it was possible that you may accidentally override the old one.

thank you for your assistance. i was able to restore a older version of a backup and now all seems well.