Unattended Copy Retry discards path

When I use unattended copy to copy many files, I'll sometimes get an error copying a file, but when I click retry the copy succeeds (This is the current nature of the media I'm copying to... at some moments it's not available and needs to be retried). The files that receive errors during copy get listed in the "Unattended Errors" window, along with their relative path. My hope is that clicking "Retry" would cause them to be copied as originally specified. What actually happens is these files do get copied, but Opus seems to discard their relative dir path and they all get copied into the root folder of the destination.

For example, I have a dir on the dource called /music. It contains many other dirs. When I initiate the copy to M:/media, the files, including the dir structure are all copied as they should be... Except if I get a temporary error writing the file, in which case the file is listed in the "Unattended errors" box. Then, when I click "Retry" on the unattended errors, all the files listed in it do get copied, but to M:/media, rather than retaining their location in the original dir structure.

Is there some way to get this to copy these files to their originally intended destination?



I haven't been able to reproduce problem here. Could you please provide more information - maybe a brief list of source and destination paths that will illustrate the issue?