Unattended operation - resume copy on restart

It would be very helpful if the "Unattended operation" for a long copy continued automatically on a forced computer restart (for example, BSOD, forced restart after updating Windows, etc.). Is Opus capable of doing this?

No, nothing like that is stored across restarts.

Ok. Can a "Save file lists" feature be added, like teracopy has, so we wouldn't have to search for all the folders that were being copied, and can just load the list?

Not easily. Maybe one day.

If your computer is spontaneously BSODing or restarting for other reasons often enough that you're worried about this, I would look to solving the cause rather than implementing mitigations for it. Windows shouldn't just reboot while you're in the middle of doing things, and I can't remember the last time I had that happen.

No, BSOD isn't my problem. 99% of the time, as a computer tech and software engineer for the past 30 years, I already know what caused a BSOD (me :slight_smile: ) without even debugging it; overclocking, testing virtual audio cables, etc. The kernel or something can cause an unknown BSOD once every few years, which I then debug and fix.

My focus was on file transfers that take >=6 hours. There are times when I need to restart my computer and I don't want to wait until the transfer is complete. As I work with overclocking, setting up RAIDS, data restoration, software development, professional video editing, and so on, there are times I need to restart to access the BIOS or for other reasons.

Thanks though!

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BSOD was the example in your original post, which is why I mentioned it. :slight_smile:

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