Understanding the Editor - open with - select a application


sorry, but in the German Help ther is´nt the answer of my question and I don´t understand the eglish Help of the DOpus Editor.

I like to open a context menu or a popup window near by the cursor which gives me the ability to select a Program of a list that opens the selected file.

I must often open f.ex. a .png somteimes with 3 different programs.

May Irfanview or Fireworks or Photoshop. So it would be very nice if I select the file and press STRG+SHIFT+Ö .… select my desired application and DOpus open the file in that Program.

How could I make this possible with the build in Editor in DOpus?

Many thanks for any hint.



You could use the {dlgchoose} or {Rc} This command displays a dialog with a drop-down list letting you select an option from those supplied. The value of the option is then inserted into the function. The format of this command is:

{dlgchoose||<Option 1>[=<Value 1>][+<Option 2>[=<Value 2>]…]}

is the text displayed in the dialog.

is the text displayed for the first option in the drop-down list. If you wish to specify a value for an option, use the form =, otherwise the value inserted in the string will be the ordinal number of the option. Multiple options can be added together with the + sign. For example,

{dlgchoose|Select encoding quality|High=320+Medium=256+Low=128+Very Low=64}

Or to open selected files and choose programs:

{dlgchoose|Select a program|IrfanView="C:\program files\IrfanView\I_view32.exe""{o}"+Photoshop="C:\program files\xxx\xxx.exe""{o}"}

You can also use the code with hotkeys (Of course you have to add your own paths / programs / descriptions etc.) :wink:

If you want the programs to appear in a menu rather than a drop-down list then there are a few ways you could do it.

The easiest way would be to put the programs into the All Files & Folders filetype's context menu. You can then select some files, push the context menu key (next to right-alt by default, at least on UK keyboards) and they'll be in the list. With all the other context menu items, of course.

Another easy way is to put them in the lister's menu/toolbar. You can put & before a character in the menu's name to make that menu open when you push alt + that character.

Finally, you can create a standalone pop-up menu but it takes a little bit more work than the other things. Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a new toolbar via Settings -> Customize -> Toolbars. The name is up to you but I'll use ProgramMenu in my examples.

  2. On that toolbar create buttons for each program you want to run against the selected files. These should run the program, passing {filepath$} as the argument, and they should have a second line which will close the toolbar. That second line will make the toolbar behave like a pop-up menu, closing after you select something from it.

Here's an example button command:

"C:\program files\IrfanView\I_view32.exe" {filepath$} Toolbar CLOSE NAME=*this

Another example which runs notepad:

"Notepad.exe" {filepath$} Toolbar CLOSE NAME=*this

  1. Back in the Customize dialog, go to the Keys tab and create a new hotkey. Assign STRG+SHIFT+Ö to it and make it run this command:
Toolbar NAME=ProgramMenu STATE=float POS=mouse
  1. Click OK in the Customize dialog to close it.

Now when you push STRG+SHIFT+Ö you should see your menu.

One problem with this pop-up menu: Unlike the other methods (including Christiaan's drop-menu), I don't think you will be able to use the keyboard to select things in the pop-up; you have to use the mouse.


I think what Marcus may really want is the ability to create a standalone toolbar popup menu with buttons populated with either filetype context menu entries,
or another set of filetype entries independent of the context menu.

I've been reading the H&P Dopus 9 forum and see a similar topic.
My German is very poor these days,
but often I can understand half of it and then piece more together using a combination of a dictionary,
free online translation, and a wild guess or two.

If I'm wrong, I humbly apologize .