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Underused Opus Features / Top Opus Features that you almost never use?

Starting this thread as a source of ideas to discover or rediscover features that, for some reason or the other, we notice ourselves almost never using. By the same token, feel free to also advertised what you perceive are great features which you're guessing might be underused.

I'll start.

Two features I find myself almost never using:

  • Collections. Not sure why!
  • Advanced search. And yet, it's so powerful compared with indexed search.

A few features that I love (among a zillion) but wonder if they're getting all the use they can.

  • Linked folders. For me it's magical having several pairs of linked folder in the source / destination, so that I don't have to select two tabs every time. The automatic tab coloring makes it really stand out.
  • Anyone else using sync'ing regularly? It's my go-to for backing up to an external drive
  • The image conversion is super useful, I find, for batch operations. Much easier than opening everything in Photoshop.

Looking forward to reading other people's contributions.

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