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Underused Opus Features / Top Opus Features that you almost never use?

Starting this thread as a source of ideas to discover or rediscover features that, for some reason or the other, we notice ourselves almost never using. By the same token, feel free to also advertised what you perceive are great features which you're guessing might be underused.

I'll start.

Two features I find myself almost never using:

  • Collections. Not sure why!
  • Advanced search. And yet, it's so powerful compared with indexed search.

A few features that I love (among a zillion) but wonder if they're getting all the use they can.

  • Linked folders. For me it's magical having several pairs of linked folder in the source / destination, so that I don't have to select two tabs every time. The automatic tab coloring makes it really stand out.
  • Anyone else using sync'ing regularly? It's my go-to for backing up to an external drive
  • The image conversion is super useful, I find, for batch operations. Much easier than opening everything in Photoshop.

Looking forward to reading other people's contributions.


Collections are great when you need a temporary set of files for a project.

If you'd told me a year ago, I wouldn't have believe you, but I love being able to have the Windows Quick Access in the tree panel, because it means that when I'm opening/saving files in other programs, I can navigate to them about as quickly as I do in DO.

The other Windows carry-over feature is the breadcrumbs bar with the dropdowns for selecting a parallel folder to the one I'm in.

I love that DO works with Windows, not against it, because in some scenarios, you have to accept that Windows Explorer is a step in the workflow.


Another feature that I'm guessing people don't know about is the relative size/date that can show up behind the size/date columns of each row:


Features that I have yet to delve into, but are on my radar:

  • Tabs
  • Bulk Operations / Image Edits < didn't even know about this
  • Linked folders < didn't even know about this
  • Portable USB mode
  • Power Mode

Hi @matijaerceg, thank you for your post.
I didn't understand what you meant by the above, could you please explain?
Under Prefs / Folder Tree / Contents, with Quick Access checked, how does this help you open files faster in… Photoshop, Chrome, or whatever other program?
I'm missing something. :slight_smile: Looking forward to learning something new!

Under Prefs / Folder Tree / Contents, with Quick Access checked, how does this help you open files faster in… Photoshop, Chrome, or whatever other program?

It doesn't. My wording was confusing.

Short version: All I mean is that I like using Quick Access system-wide, including in DO.

Long version:

Unlike DO, some other file managers do not give the option to use the Windows Quick Access list, so I was voicing my happiness that DO does give that option.

If I was forced to use DO Favorites (or something else that's also proprietary to DO), I wouldn't have a fast way to navigate to common folders in various programs' save/open dialogs, unless I also set up Windows Quick Access, which would double up on work every time I want to add a folder to be quickly accessible both inside and outside of DO. Since I'm not using DO's Explorer-replacement mode (not a good fit for me), the ability to use Windows Quick Access both inside and outside of DO is great.

Again, the fact that DO plays so nicely with Windows features is a really good mindset by the developers. Some people try to customize their file managers too much, creating a rift with how they work within it and outside of it. But if you're going to be using an OS, you might as well work with it, not against it.


Thanks very much for clarifying! Now I think I get it. :slight_smile: Wishing you a fun weekend.

First this is a great idea for a topic. Second, I had no idea about the linked folder/tabs. I've been using Opus since Amiga days and just somehow missed this. Fantastic!

I was literally thinking to myself as I was saving a document, Its so annoying I can't just navigate with folder aliases and Favourites.

Making sure Quick Access contains my favourites gets me half-way there.

I've never used Quick Access before because in my mind it's just a dumpster where windows shovels random recent directories. (Like DO Smart Favourites, but, um, useless.). I've configured Explorer to NOT remember recent files and directories, and just show what I've pinned, and now its usable as a fixed set of favourites/bookmarks which are common between Explorer and DO.

Thanks for the tip!

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