Undo Delete not Working

Hi when I try to undo a delete I get the following error message:
'An error occurred undeleting 'New Folder':
The system cannot find the file specified. (2)'

What are the exact steps that you've performed leading up to the error message? What was deleted? Was anything else done after that?

Is the deleted folder still in your Recycle Bin?

Is the parent folder the deleted folder was in still there?

What kind of drive is involved? (Network drive? Cloud storage? USB stick?)

1 make new folder
2 delete new folder
3 click undo
4 error pops up



It happens on internal and external usb drives

Doing that works OK here.

Are you deleting the folder to the Recycle Bin?

Is the deleted folder in your Recycle Bin, if you check for it?

Yes it’s in the recycle bin