Unexpected Behaviour? Simple Find using wildcards

Hi All,

This may be a brain failure at my end, but something about the following doesn't quite make sense to me at the moment.

Using DOpus I'm performing a Simple find across a series of subdirectories, looking for files that have been automatically renamed during 'Copy, Rename Old' operations.

In essense, I have several files in this subdirectory with the string "(Original)" at the end of the filename, before the file extension.

An example filename that I want included in my search results is "web (Original).sitemap".

Originally, I opened up the Find panel, added the parent directory under the 'Find in' heading, clicked on the checkbox for "Use wildcards" to enable the option and then typed "(Original.*" in the "Name matching" field.

Against my expectations at that point, this Find operation returned nothing.

After playing with it a little, I discovered that "(Original)." does appear to work, but I'm none the wiser why "(Original*.*" doesn't.

Can anyone explain? From my way of (possibly incorrect?) thinking, the end result of "(Original.*" should have been "Any file in which the string literal of '(Original' appears somewhere in the name.

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Damnit, I actually asked this question once before. Goes to show you how my memory behaves.

See: resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... highlight=

Many apologies for wasting anyone's time.