Unexpected opening of lister (with Spotify software)

When lister is running on background, it closes itself because of a fault after a while, and open default lister. I don't want to see any lister, even if the lister closed because of a fault. Is there an option not to open anything when the background task fails?

It should ask you if you want to save and re-open the current listers if that happens. There should be a checkbox in the message that tells you there was a problem. (Unless the process is in a state where it can't even display the message, which could happen if something like a shell extension corrupts memory or exhausts the GDI handles.)

I would focus on fixing the problem itself instead. Are any crash logs created? We may be able to use those to tell which exe/dll the problem is in:

Another possibility is that something on the system is incorrectly sending broadcast messages to all other windows, and happens to be sending a restart message to Opus.

A third possibility is that something is using the Windows Restart Manager to restart the program. (Usually, only installers do that.)

I don't get any messages and DOpus.Minidumps folder doesn't exist. I don't have any idea about second and third possibility. Which applications can send broadcast message?

Any application could send broadcast messages. (Almost none should, but any could.)

I've checked it. Spotify or Stream Deck Spotify addon do this.

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