Unexpected sub-collections in Find Results

I recently upgraded from v11 to 12. When I do a search more often than not I see 2 entries at the beginning of the results window named test and testr. I am wondering what those mean.

I will greatly appreciate your response.



What are you searching for? Can you show us a screenshot of how the Find panel is set up?

Hello Leo, thank you for your reply.

I normally would search in a folder for specific files, for example in the one I posted earlier I was searching for ?admctl.*

Here's what my search panel looks like (I hope this is what you are asking). I am a pretty light user of Dopus, I did not see these entries until I upgraded to 12. For now I deleted them and it seems they are not coming back, I noticed they appeared as a "collection"

They are sub-collections which you have presumably created at some point underneath the Find Results collection (either by using the Create Folder command, or by editing the collection name in the Find window that the results are shown in).

You can simply delete them if you're not actually using them for anything.