UniExtract All-Exe Extracter

hi...i want to extract files from exe files .....lot of them.So i need to automate this process.There is a software called Uniextract for this.


But the problem is it doesnt preserve the directory system in the exe.When i install those exe files they go to different folders but when i extract them using Uniextract....it extracts allfiles in a folder called Main within the folder (having file name).And along with that main folder there r few files which i think r some kind of sripts that tell about the directory structure to be created.
You can use this file for refernce

rapidshare.com/files/47849535/Da ... s.exe.html

Its an exe file from Daz for a graphic program Called Poser...u might have heard.I have to deal with hundereds of these files ....so someone kindly help me out....i know there r quite a programmers in here :slight_smile:

will make the directory opus button ....later on if this problem is solved

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If you're aiming to extract files from setup executables then the extraction program may not be able to work out the directory structure of them.

Most setup programs simply store a list of files and have a separate script (or list of files and where to copy them to) which copies them to the correct locations. (Those locations are likely to depend on user options and machine setup, e.g. where Program Files is.)

Since every setup program can do this in a different way, and since the destinations might be the result of some kind of formula rather than a hard-coded path, it's unlikely that the extractor can work out where all the files should be. The extractor probably works by assuming that the files are stored in a Resource block inside the setup exe and simple scans and extracts the files from that to the current directory.

Sorry for posting in the wrong forum...alot of windows were open i forget on which i clicked the new post. :slight_smile:

the exe files am working with will install the files to :

C:\Program Files.......this cud be anything

but then onward the directory stucture is same ie.Poser\Runtime\Multiple folders

each exe file will extract the files to some of these multiple folders and this cud vary from exe to exe.The thing is how to know that which file goes where.

I found this file in the extracted files am 100%sure this contains the info regarding which file goes where.But am not able to understand this data.Am attaching the file.Its zipped since forum didnt allowed me to attach a .bin file
script.zip (1.4 KB)

You'll have to ask whoever made the installer that that program is using. It's specific to each type of installer, and possibly to each setup program made with each installer (in some cases). That "script" file is binary and not easy to read.

I very much doubt that you'll be able to find/make a tool which will take any setup program and extract the files from it and also work out where they would be installed to, except by actually emulating a Windows PC and running the setup program.

If you're just trying to do this for one setup program, because you want to turn an interactive install into a silent/scripted install, then your best bet is to use Process Monitor and run the setup program, then see which registry entries and files it changes. That list of changes will still only be valid for the PC it was run on, though. The setup program might choose to do something different on other PCs, depending on their OS version, configuration, and so on.

Most setup programs already support silent/scripted installs via command-line arguments and it's usually better to use that than to extract the files and create your own setup scripts. I'm not sure if that's why you want to do this or not, though.

I know its not possible to make universal process that applies to all exe's but the ones am working with are all same.They dont even modify registery and no uninstall info aswell.All they do is dump the files in specified directory.I think i'll have to explain.The directory structure is as follows


the path to the runtime can vary and does not matter.Each exe file cud be a figure,prop,morph,pose or hair.So depending upon the exe suppose its a hair item it will dump files to the hair,material and pose folder and so on...

So all i need is to the files extracted to these individaul folders.Either i have to install 4-5000 files manually or i can extract them with uniextract along with their folders and simply drop them to the runtime folder.

But how can you tell which directory an exe belongs in?

didnt understand ur question ....?

the exe files doesnt installs any exe file and doesnt modify any registery settings ....just extracts the files to specified directories which it takes from the script

The script is in some kind of custom, binary format. You'd need to a program which understands the script's format to work out where all the different files need to go, unless there's some other way to tell which directory the files belong in (e.g. some kind of data inside the files themselves).

It's not impossible to do but I'd be surprised if there is a tool already available which will do it (unless you're lucky and someone has written such a thing for the installer that's being used in your example), so I can't think how you could do the extraction and put the files in the right place without either running the actual installer or having a special program written which understands the data inside the installer that tells it where each file goes.