Uninstall and Reinstall

I am a long-time user of Directory Opus. Recently, I seem to be having a number of problems.

  1. DO will start fine and allow me to do one operation, such as selecting a folder, and it then freezes. This has actually led me to Explorer (GASP!)

  2. While running DO, when I try to quit another program (e.g., an Adobe document), the program or document I am trying to exit freezes into multiple cascading windows. Quitting DO allows the program or document to close normally from the frozen screen.

I would like to uninstall and reinstall DO. However, as a long-time user, I have many custom settings. Before uninstalling and reinstalling, I would like to know how to preserve my settings so I can use them in the fresh installation. I have a backup of my preferences but does a reinstall automatically find the backup?

Use Settings > Backup & Restore before uninstalling, and again after installing.

If you have freezes, you can make some process snapshots and send the to us: Manually generating process snapshots

The two issues together suggest a problem outside of Opus, maybe in a shell extension or other shared component. But we can hopefully say more after looking at the snapshots.