Unique Number rename script vs preview

I notice a strange behavior of Rename function when using the Unique Number macro.
In short, when number of files to be renamed is longer than the preview pane of Rename window can display, strange things happen (numbering restarts back from zero).
To reproduce:

  • create larger number of files, probably more than 40 (in my case - 49 .txt files)
  • select all, hit Rename to open Rename window
  • make sure that the size of the Rename window does not allow all files to be visible at once
  • use Unique Number macro
  • scroll down the list to check consistency of numbering

Two screenshots to illustrate the problem:

Rename window resized to fit all files - the numbering looks good

Rename window smaller - numbering restarts after reaching 038.

Windows 10, Dopus Pro 12.28 build 8189

The preview for rename scripts like that may be inaccurate, since the script checks the files on disk and the preview is generated without actually renaming anything, so the files on disk haven’t been changed.

This is mentioned and explained in more detail on the post about the script:

Note: The preview in the Rename dialog may display several files with the same number. This is normal and does not reflect what will happen if you go ahead with the rename. (The reason is obvious: The script works by testing whether the names already exist on disk but just doing a preview doesn't rename anything, so the filenames in the preview do not affect each other like they will when you do the rename for real.)

What happens when you run the actual rename?

Thanks for the explanation. Actually now, when I test it, it renames fine, as you say.
But I could swear it was behaving differently a while back when I was trying to number a bunch of PDFs...
Anyway, thank you. I will keep an eye on it.