Unique treeview per tab

At the moment every tab shares the same treeview. I think it would be good if DO had an option to create a unique/distinct treeview per tab.

This would mean that nomatter how you expand/collapse the treeview structure in one tab it would not affect the structure of any other tabs.

What does everyone else think?

Interesting... I know I've certainly cursed when I've been working mostly at a top level folder (my docs or something) and then had to switch over into one of my common folder tab dirs that is located deep in some other dir structure (and which I cannot really move). The folder tree clutter that ensues is an inconvience...

Why can't you just lock the folder tree with the little lock icon next to the "x" that closes it? Or did I miss the point?


I think you missed the point :smiley:

Having a TV per tab has several benefits but the main one is that when switching tabs your view/location within the TV is preserved/restored ... no more hunting to re-locate your position.