Universal Graphics Viewer Plugin - no updates anymore?

Last info about the Universal Graphics Viewer Plugin (from ZwickySoft) can be found on
blog.dopus.com/2011/08/universal ... lugin.html

Seems though that the plugin hasn't been updated for quite a while.
The x64 zip contains
Name Size Modified
DVP_UGV.dll 163.328 16-08-2011 18:39:34
libgfl64U.dll 1.519.104 20-01-2011 11:16:20

Since then many new cameras have been introduced
The plugin is based on software from Pierre E. Gougelet (developer of XnView)
Pierre has introduced XnViewMP a couple of years ago and I think he is very busy with his classic XnView and this new MP version.

I don't know - it is purely guessing, but maybe the UGV-plugin is somewhat considered as 'competitive' to his viewers, i.e. if specific formats are not supported by Opus then users may wish to use his XnViewer instead...?
So, there is no hurry to get new plugins out.
But also because the XnView products are higher up his priority list?

Later... (regretfully one cannot edit / delete the original post)


support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/www ... index.html

[i]Sony RAW Driver is a program to display Sony RAW data (ARW/SR2/SRF files) on Windows Vista® ? Windows® 7 ? Windows® 8 ? Windows® 8.1.

By installing this program, you can display the RAW data on Explorer or Photo Gallery in Windows Vista® in the same way as JPEG files[/i].

Revised on June 16, 2014 - supporting recent camera's like the Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 III
as far as I can see that camera is not yet supported in the UGV

Installed SRD20_Installer0810a.exe
ARW support

Works fine on Windows 7 x64/Opus x64 v11.1