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Unobtrusive brush tile (white)

since I snug all of your great works and played with them all night, I thought I'd share one of my backdrops for toolbars on bright setups.
Its a very white colour tile (seamless) with a brush texture, you'd want to set it to tile (?) on toolbars. It makes a nice contrast with dark fonts. (4.68 KB)

Could you maybe show a sample screenshot if this in action? That way users don't have to download and setup/change toolbars, just to get an idea.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Should have thought of it in the first place, sorry!

I forgot to say it is still in gif format. I have lost the original, so I cannot reproduce it as png.

You can just right click the .gif file in Opus and select Convert Image

Yeah thanks, I know that :slight_smile:
I was referring to the original psd file which I do not have anymore - because converting that gif to any other format now will not add to the image quality (quite the reverse). But I guess as a seamless tile it is ok as it is :slight_smile:

PS: I forgot to say, everyone feel free to work with this; it does make a nice texture effect when added as a new layer with layer styles changed (depending on what you want, multiply, warm light, difference...) Since it tiles you can simply use it as a flood fill texture in photoshop and add it as a pattern to layers.