Unwanted Switching of ToolBars

I'm having problems between Styles, Format or Lister. My lister is set up in Detail Mode. I'm using a command I just came across, which I don't think is a problem.

Set VIEW=Thumbnails,Details

I set up a button using the above and when I click on it it brings up a toolbar set that I had previously created. The toolbar set called Master Set displays three toolbars. The listener that I am using has only one toolbar so it's easy to see I have an issue.

I don't want to switch to different toolbars. I was only hoping to switch Detail to thumbnails. I just don't know what direction to take I've been messing around and getting nowhere fast.

It's probably coming from Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars.

It is connected to the ToolBar\Detail. Is the File Display Modes\ToolBar connected to the Lister or is it Global. It seems to be global. By global I mean one way to set each Mode. Or can additional modes be made?

If you assign a toolbar (or toolbar set) to Details under Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars, then that toolbar will turn on any time you are in Details mode.

That's the purpose of that Preferences page.

If you want something else to happen, that's the wrong place to do it. What do you want to do instead?

Yes, I see that now. But. I use Detail in a lot of my Listers. Is there a way to around this? Since I would like to use different ToolBars in different Listers.

You don't have to use that setting at all. By default, it's only used to add an extra toolbar for Thumbnails mode, but even that is optional if it isn't what you want. There's no requirement to tie toolbars to display modes.

Got It! It's now coming together.

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