Unzip Multiple Zips

I'm trying to figure how to unzip sequentially numbered zips. I used to be able to multiple select and right click to see an Extract to ... item on the menu. I can see an extract item on menus that works for a series of .rar files.

Preferences are set to:

activate Opus zip file handling
make Opus the default handler
add context menu items for extract from zip
enable auto extract
use batch extract

I'd appreciate any suggestions? Thanks.


As far as I know, the Opus right Click Extract appears if only one zip file is selected.

To do multiple extractions I use :

Copy EXTRACT=sub for Dest
Copy EXTRACT=sub here for Source

I have it as a button instead of a context menu item.
The entire button is:

<?xml version="1.0"?> Extract 137 Dest Extract to Destination 164 Copy EXTRACT=sub Here Extract to Source 164 Copy EXTRACT=sub here

Mine isn't very advanced, but it does the job.
When extracting multiple zip files,
this works best if the zipfiles contain a parent directory in the zip root that contain all other files and folders.
Otherwise the files and folders of the multiple zip files will become mixed with each other.

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I tend to disagree. The Copy EXTRACT=sub command should create a parent folder for each zip you extract with it based on each filename, no?

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Quite correct Steje.

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