Unzipping a zipped .zip file

Hi guys,

When I download a .zip file from my companies' collaborator site, it insists on zipping it up before downloading it and therefore I end up with a zipped zip file with a .zip.zip extension!!!

I use the following code that unzips the .zip.zip file, and then unzips the newly created .zip file.

Copy Extract HERE
Delete QUIET
Select *.zip
Copy Extract HERE
Delete QUIET

This works fine as long as there are no other .zip files in the folder (usually there aren't) but on the occasions when there is, this will obviously fail.

How can I modify the code to select the new .zip file instead of all .zip files?

An example of the filenames are :

Main zip file: M1_A2_F3.zip
Downloaded file: M1_A2_F3.zip.zip

I will contact the creators of the Collaborator site, questioning why they insist on zipping up compressed files (compressed video files as well) but until then, the code will suffice.

Any help would be much appreciated.



This seems to work:

Copy EXTRACT HERE Copy EXTRACT HERE {filepath|noext} Delete QUIET {filepath|noext} Delete QUIET

Indeed it does. Thanks Leo.