Update Check Doesn't Work

Has anyone else had a problem with the DOpus Update Check? I'm running DOpus v

The Update Check pops up as scheduled and says v is available. But the "Click here to go to the GP Software website to download the new version" link doesn't work. It opens Interent explorer at a Microsoft Search page, which reports "We couldn't find any sites containing 瑨灴⼺眯睷朮獰景⹴潣⹭畡䐯捓楲瑰⽳敲楤敲瑣愮灳瀿条㵥潤湷潬摡.".

Also the IE address bar contains the following garble:


[I edited the URL so it didn't make the post really wide. --Leo]

I get the same problem when I hit the Release Notes link.

I'm running Internet Explorer version 6..0.2800.1106.xpsp2.050301-15256. on WIndows XP Pro, service pack 2.

(Can anyone tell me if this is a problem within DOpus or is it caused by the new fangled Microsoft Search? I don't actually use msSearch; I prefer Google, but msSearch seems to have been imposed on my system and I can't find a way to get rid of it.

It's been broken for awhile now. Seems like someone mentioned awhile back it was because of the rapid fire new releases coming out at the time, meaning every few days a new filename for download was available. And rather than rewrite the internal mechanism to detect a new DOpus update the wizards were going to wait until the new releases weren't coming so fast and furiously.

Or maybe that's not the reason, but at least I can verify the problem.

Miscellaneous changes and bug fixes for (4/5/05)

  • Fixed anomaly with URLs returning invalid characters in check for update dialog in Unicode Version.

Of course, since the auto-update is broken in you have to download the update (now by hand. :slight_smile:

In my U version the menu command of


still fails returning an error of:

404 : Object Not Found

I think that's a different problem. Is your HTTP proxy (if any) configured in Preferences, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous?

Does gpsoft.com.au work in IE?

Well that was interesting.

Yes, I had my proxy settings configured for the Proxomitron web filter in PREFS (address localhost and port 8080) just as they're set in I.E. And I could go to gpsoft.com.au/ with I.E. that way. But DOpus returned an error each time I checked for program updates. It didn't matter if I disabled the proxy settings or not. Nor did it matter if I disabled the Proxomitron filter.

So then I opened I.E. and disabled the proxy settings in there, and then DOpus was able to check for program updates. So far so good, but then I reenabled the proxy in I.E., reenabled the Proxomitron, and DOpus can still check for program updates. Odd.

Looks like I'll have to do some more testing here.

I also have this problem with U

I have done a net capture during a 'Update Check'
and it seems to be going to this URL..


Is this a valid URL ?

Don't be concerned:) This update check has to connect to somewhere and it can connect to anywhere on our site. Such links will change from time to time.

You don't need to be concerned about where it actually connects to. As long as you have obtained the official digitally signed version of Directory Opus downlaoded from our web site or on the CD then there will never be a problem.