Update Doesn't Overlay Existing Help Files

I noticed in another post that your help was DO 12 and mine was DO 10. I hadn't realized that when I upgraded that the new help didn't update overtop the old help so my bookmarks that go into various parts of help are still pointing to the old version. Since they are accessed by wouldn't it make more sense that when you install the newest DO version that it would overlay the old help so bookmarks would automatically point to the correct version and also not leave the old version behind?

I'm not sure what you mean. When Opus is installed, the local help file is updated.

Do you have bookmarks pointing to the gpsoft.com.au version on the web, rather than the localhost ( version? There's no way we can make the web version redirect to your locally installed version.

The web version is updated periodically, and we have separate web versions for Opus 10, 11 and 12 (since people using old versions may still need to look things up, and we also need to look things up for them sometimes).

The locally installed version is updated every time you install an Opus update.

If you have bookmarks pointing to the Opus 10 manual on our website, you'll need to update your bookmarks to point them to the Opus 12 manual instead. (Most pages just need you to change the version number from e.g. 10 to 12, but a few pages have been moved/renamed of course.)

Or you could point your bookmarks to the local version instead. But, if you do that, note that Opus doesn't normally start its mini web sever until you open a help link in it (e.g. via the F1 key). (There is a Help RUNSERVER command you can run at startup to force the web server to run, but using the website is probably easier. Note that the command is hidden/undocumented and mainly for our own internal testing, but it should continue to work if you want to use it.)

(Also note that the URLs launched by F1 etc. include a version number as part of the localhost URL. This is there to defeat browser caching and ensure you aren't served a cached version of the old file. The actual number there is ignored by the localhost server and can be anything as long as it's in the same format.)