Update don't work, only after few days (Avira antivirus)

For me, the update does not work immediately when a new version is available, I often have to wait one or more days for it to work. It's just thinking, but does not download Dopus when I press download. Then after a few days it works to download. Has been so in many versions now, reinstalled windows a while ago and it is the same problem both after and before. Or is it that your servers are overloaded when a new version arrives. Applies to both Beta and Released versions. No proxy, Only Windows Firewall.
Anyone else having the same problem?

Hi, where do you klick to download?

I've never had a problem downloading via the updater, but it could be a regional server issue, or an ISP issue, perhaps.

Which part of the world are you in?

You can always grab the same installers from https://www.gpsoft.com.au/DScripts/download.asp if needed (assuming you don't get the same issue with the links there, of course).

Now when I was going to write an answer here, something came up in my head. disable the antivirus program (Avira) and then I could download it immediately. So stupid that I did not think of it before! It's weird that it works the next day when Avira is running. Maybe it's Avira Antivirus, I'll will try again on the next update. (Usually does not take long for a Dopus update to come out :grinning: )

Used Directory Opus since Amiga and it's awesome! :star_struck:

Thanks for the help!

The antivirus might block the download until the new file is more popular/seen, perhaps.

It's Avira!

Avira block also the "check for update...", not only download. But if a disable the Antivirus and enable it again and after open a Dopus lister it's fine. but if i close the lister and open a new lister again Avira blocks it. Very strange. But not Dopus fault. Now i know what to do anyway :smile:

It's always a worry when antivirus thinks something is dangerous enough to consider an attack on your security, but not dangerous enough to tell you it's doing that.

I would change my antivirus. :slight_smile:

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I would also consider not installing any 3rd party security software at all. At some point in time, Microsoft had security at the back of its backlog but the default suite that comes shipped with Windows 10 these days blows almost everything out of the water, is free and does not require any setup and will not cause any compatibility issues.

Independent tests supports this fully: https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/

Just thought of saving people some money and time ^^

Windows Defender is not the best, but very good. I have it installed on other computers. Avira and the other big ones protect better and are faster in some cases. I'm thinking of trying Eset or Kaspersky or maybe Windows Defender. Avira has protected me a number of times over the years and has never caused problems before.

But as you say, Windows Defender is usually good enough.