Update modified dates using the dates in Acrobat (Metadata) files?

Most PDF files have the creation date set in the metadata of the PDF files.
Open PDF, r-click > Document Properties > tab Description > Additional Metadata > Advanced > XMP Core Properties. Some PDF files do not have an xmp-entry there.
Opus is unable to retrieve the dates then.
Some PDF files are created using, for instance, Word. AFAIK no XMP Core Properties is generated either. But often the creation/modified date is listed under Description itself.

Q: is there a way to use the Advance Metadata "PDF:CreationDate-text" ?
Q: How to update the file modified date using the modified date as set in the "Description" tab?

It is a long shot, I know, maybe totally impossible. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained..."

See attachment.

Check that the Document Creation Time column is correct for the files:

If it isn't, you might need to install PDF software that populates it. (I don't know if Windows populates it itself these days, or if it depends on a PDF viewer installing a metadata plugin. Should be the same in both File Explorer and Opus in any case.)

Assuming the column is populated, you can copying the timestamp from Document Created to Modified:

2023-02-16 18-08-55 Clipboard Image

Thanks for the above. I am aware of the above (Document Created) and have been using it. I am also use Acrobat.

What I tried to say is that different PDF files may show different 'non-xmp' date-time stamps (in properties > metadata > advanced).

Opus does 'retrieves' the creation date correctly when XMP Core Properties>xmp:CreationDate is being used.

SnagIt-17022023 102353

The column "Document Created" is rightfully populated then.
However, this is not so in case of PDF files having different date-time stamps (i.e. not xmp), like in my first post.

Off topic notes:
the column is not populated in case of secured PDFs
exceptionally I came across PDF files that were not secured, having the 'right' xmp creationdate entry but the document created date was not populated nonetheless.

Opus should show the same for that column as Explorer, as it’s obtained via the Windows shell properties system, at least if I remember correctly. What it shows may in turn depend on the PDF software that’s installed.