Upgrade after long lapse

I have been using DOPUS for years but had a break in computer world and my license lapsed. The really bad part is that my old email account no longer exists so I am at a loggerhead for getting a new single machine package with any discounts for preexisting ownership..

HELP!....Stupid In Seattle!!!

Licences don't expire (other than free evaluation ones). If you still have the old file, it will still work (for the version of Opus it was valid for).

If you have lost your licence details, please send as much information as you can to support@gpsoft.com.au and they will try to help you find them.

WOW! That's pretty awesome!
Unfortunately I went ahead and purchased another license today. Can I back out of that one?
Not only that but I put the new license on my laptop first does that preclude putting it on my big machine?
You poor guys must have to roll your eyes a lot with boozo's like me!
Thanks for your time and patience!!!

REALLY Stupid in Seattle

I can only answer technical questions. There are some answers in the licensing FAQ ( Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions ) but if you have any others please see the first item in there for what to do.