Upgrade to Directory Opus 13 Buttons with scripts gone

I upgrade my 12 version to 13 but I can't see my 5 buttons with custom scripts anymore.
I'm a bit lost searching for the solution.
Do I need to recover this from somewhere or enable this in a menu again?
Hope that not everything is lost now I did the upgrade

They will probably be in a toolbar that got turned off. Have a look here:


Turn the toolbar on and copy the buttons over to the new v13 toolbars or keep using the v12 toolbar.

Finally found it!

Empty space toolbar > Customize > User Toolbars >>> there I had a operations backup.
And my good old buttons came back again.

Thanks for putting me search to the right direction. I was concentrating on searching and adjusting buttons but it was the toolbar.
You can do so much with this program that sometimes you get lost in the settings or search :wink: