Upgrading has broken NOT (~) in FAYT

I don’t know if you changed something or it was me, but I can’t get NOT to work in FAYT like it used to. I’m convinced I used to type a tilde and could just keeping typing till what I wanted to disappear did. But now let me give you an example.

I'll use hiding S001 as an example.
I type a Tilde and everything disappears. (I think this this is the old behavior.)
I type “S” and everything reappears, including files with S in them.
I type 0 and everything disappears.
I have no idea what changed.
I almost always enter the FAYT text box by clicking in it rather than typing an asterisk if that makes a difference.

In the filename - is it O or 0?

Sorry, I instantly noticed my mistake and was starting to correct when your quick post beat me to it. As I was posting I wondered if I should make a point that I did double-check and make sure I wasn't confusing zeros and the letter O. I just stuck with this example because it's something I've done over and over with a series of files labeled S001, S002, ....

~(*S001*) is the pattern I’d use for that.

Thank you that works, but I SWEAR I could do it in V12 without the extra four characters. I almost never use the asterisk wildcard. I think it did partial matching better.

Yeah, I just tried with 12 and it made this easier than it is now.

We may have had special handling to re-write the pattern for you if it was prefixed with ~ and had no (...) after it. A lot of that was specific to the filter bar in the past, and is now part of the more general pattern-matching code in Opus, but it looks like we missed this case when moving things around.

We'll see if we can restore the old functionality. It definitely made things easier.

Is this not the same as my post 24-09-23
Filter Bar (~ Not) is not working - PrivateBeta - Directory Opus Resource Centre (dopus.com)

Probably is, yes. We missed some of the cases in there.

I was just curious as to what you reported, but your link leads to "Page Not Found."

Link was to Private Beta part of forum
I used a lot of filters with not ~, and |
In filter if I type ~S001 only S001 shows or type S001 only S001 Shows
now I have to type ~(S001) to hide S001

What have you got in settings


With what you said you have Partial matching
Does not matter what you tick ~S001 will only show S001
Was a lot better in Opus 12

Leo already acknowledged they changed things in V13 that changed this behavior. I believe I just have to wait for an update.