Upgrading Instructions


to upgrade from x64 to the latest Opus 10, in a windows 7, what are the steps?
Note that we have customized Opus, and I am concerned that we'll lose the buttons are code behind them!

Thanks, Greg

You won't lose your configuration, although it won't hurt to use the Settings / Backup & Restore command to backup your configuration before installing the upgrade.

Just install the new version on top of the old.

You only lose the configuration if you uninstall, which isn't needed.

As Jon says, it doesn't hurt to backup the old config first, just in case something does go wrong. (It's worth doing a config backup every so often anyway, even when not upgrading the program).

If you have made customizations to your toolbars, then it's worth mentioning ahead of time that upgrading to Opus 10 will turn on the new default v10 toolbars. But not to worry... your old toolbars are still there.