Upgrading questions

I have some additional questions re my upgrade to Opus 11.

First, I made an apparently incorrect assumption. I selected to keep my settings from 10 when 11 got installed. But when 11 was fully installed, my screen display was totally different. So I had Opus 11 restore the OCB file I had created for 10 before the upgrade. That did give me some of the elements I had in 10, but did not give me all the options that I had selected in Opus 10. So I had to manually set them.

I guess this means that the OCB file does not really save all the settings in Opus.

Also, there is a strange situation regarding the keyboard shortcut for displaying the size of folder(s). In Opus 10 on my main machine, I could call for the size of a folder by putting the focus on that folder, and then hitting CTRL+L. And I could select multiple folders, and click on CTRL+L, and all the selected folders' sizes would be calculated and displayed almost instantly.

Opus 11 on my main machine also does same thing very nicely. All my desktops are running Windows 7 fully updated.

I just finished installing Opus 11 on my number 2 machine, which was running Opus 10. As I noted above, I used the OCB file from my number one machine, after Opus 11 was installed. And after I manually changed some settings that the OCB file did not restore, I checked to see if CTRL+L worked there as it did in my number 1 machine. It does not. If I highlight a folder, and then hit CTRL+L, it might or might not bring up the size. If I select a group of folders, and then hit CTRL+L, it might just show the size for one folder, of often not show sizes for any.

I have no idea what's going on here - but I guess I must be missing something. Is there a setting somewhere that I have overlooked?

Ron Hirsch

Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade probably covers everything here, since the Ctrl+L hotkey also usually comes from a toolbar/menu.

Thanks for all your help. I did not realize that keyboard shortcuts were associated with toolbars. I'll check that out.

Hi Leo,

Search as I could, I cannot find where/how to enable "CTRL+L" on my number 2 machine. I tried making sure that all the toolbars on my number one machine were also in place on my number 2 machine. But to no avail.

Can you advise me which Opus toolbar is necessary to activate the CTRL+L command to display the sizes of all folders. And would simply loading that toolbar activate CTRL+L, or would something else have to be done, such as locating that command and checking a box or the like????


Ron Hirsch

It comes from the Menu toolbar by default. In the Edit menu.

Have a look at Customize - Keys, where it shows you all your hotkeys. If you have multiple keys defined for Ctrl+L it will show the conflicts in red.

If you do have conflicts, it's probably because the default Menu toolbar (on the Customize - Toolbars tab) is set to Always enable this toolbar's kjeys in Listers, which you'll want to turn off if you are replacing the default Menu toolbar with your own custom version, else you'll have two copies of lots of hotkeys.