Upload file to VirusTotal from Opus?

For anyone not in the know, VirusTotal.com is a web site where can upload any file up to 10 megs, and it will run every virus scanner known to man on it. It's very handy because there is no one scanner that detects every virus.

They offer a little tool to upload a file directly from the right-click context menu, but it doesn't support x64. I was wondering if I could somehow make Opus do it, but I'm not sure where to start.

Any ideas? Must be similar to the "upload to ImageShack". If not I'll see about writing a plug-in.

You're actually asking the wrong forum... You should be posing this question to the folks over at VirusTotal, since they would need to provide some interface details for what their uploader app does. Are you sure their little upload app doesn't work under x64? I can't test as I don't run x64... but perhaps they plan to update the app?

It's not even really a "context menu" thing at all from what I could see... it's simply an executable program that you send files to using a shortcut to in the 'SendTo' menu...

I can confirm that it does not work under x64. It does not appear under the Send To menu. I think Send To items are not simply shortcuts, because they can include programs and there would need to be some way to define how the program receives the data. Well, I suppose it could just be a simple command line with Explorer being intelligent enough to decide if it's a copy to type shortcut or a command line type, but this is Microsoft we are talking about :slight_smile:

Anyway, it doesn't work. If you just give the executable the file name on the command line, that works, so I can make a menu item that way.

However, I was wondering if there was a more generic way of doing things, so I could submit files to any web site. For example, there is also jotti.org and VirSCAN.org for anti-virus, and I would like to be able to auto-submit suspect files to several sites or AV software makers at once. It would also provide a generic way to upload images, not only to ImageShack but anywhere. Or, files to an online file storage site (there are many that give you gigabytes of storage but only a web interface, no FTP etc).

I have come to the conclusion that it isn't possible though. I am going to look into writing a little app that can do it though, since the basic concept is fairly simple (submit a file via HTTP, optionally open the returned web address in the default browser or at least validate it).

Actually, the automatic virus submission to various AV vendors could probably be done by email.

You can do it with a button but the VirusTotal program(C:\Program Files\VirusTotalUploader\VirusTotalUpload.exe) would have to work on x64

[code]<?xml version="1.0"?>

New Button
C:\Program Files\VirusTotalUploader\VirusTotalUpload.exe,0

"C:\Program Files\VirusTotalUploader\VirusTotalUpload.exe" {f}


I bet the program works fine on x64, and the button a_lunatic posted should make it work with Opus (both 32-bit and x64).

I suspect the VirusTotal context menu isn't writing to the right part of the registry during installation so 64-bit apps don't see its entries, but there's nothing stopping 64-bit Opus from running the 32-bit VirusTotal upload program via the command-line.

Yeah, I actually just went and added an item to the context menu in Opus for all items. Then I changed my mind and and made a button.

As I already said, the program itself is fine, it's the context menu part that doesn't work. I was thinking more generically though, as VirusTotal isn't the only site.

As long as you have something that works for you... that's what counts.

But for the record... and particularly in the case of VirusTotal's application, it is NOT a context menu / shell extension. It IS (like every single other item I've EVER seen under the 'Send To' menu) most definitely 100% a simple shortcut to their executable. No registry involved, no shell extension, no 32bit vs 64bit issues etc etc... Here's my 'Send To' folder directory list:

Name Size Add to SendTo....lnk 607 bytes Boilsoft Video Joiner.lnk 706 bytes desktop.ini 181 bytes Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink 0 bytes GIMP 2.lnk 756 bytes LogView.lnk 1.74 KB My Documents.mydocs 0 bytes Notepad.lnk 1.48 KB Paint.lnk 1.47 KB TextPad.lnk 650 bytes VirusTotal.lnk 1.66 KB WordPad.lnk 879 bytes
The only files in there that are NOT simple shortcuts are the even simpler 0 byte files named 'Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink' and 'My Documents.mydocs' which only function the way they do due to a trick by Microsoft. For the rest of them, it turns our Explorer is intelligent enough to figure out what to do, as everything (shortcuts) under the 'Send To' menu are simply passed the selected files as parameters... same way as in a command line. When the shortcut is just to a 'location' rather than a 'program', the shell just copies the files...

Notice I've got a shortcut called 'Add to SendTo....lnk' in the 'Send To' folder...? This let's me send any 'other' shortcut (like stuff on the 'Start menu') to the 'Send To' folder, so that those program shortcuts then popup in my 'Send To' menu. I also put shortcuts to Notepad, Wordpad, and MS Paint in the 'Send To' folder ov every system I ever work on...

'nuff said. I challenge you to say the word shortcut more than me now - lol.
shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut shortcut

Nice investigation, steje. I just wonder why it doesn't install properly on x64 then... Being a simple directory of shortcuts, it's hard to see how it could go wrong as the paths and environment variables are all the same.

Probably is just an 'installer' thing like you've alluded to. Maybe 'Documents and Settings' related stuff is handled a bit differently in x64? Don't know...

The paths are all the same on x64, apart from 32 bit programs going in a different directory than default. I installed to a non-default directory on x86 as well though and that was fine.

Does it show up in the Send To menu when using Explorer (64-bit version)?


Cool. Good to know it's not something that Opus is doing wrong then. :slight_smile:

Well my little program just reached V0.1 :slight_smile:

So far it can upload files to VirSCAN.org or VirusTotal.com and then opens the default web browser with the resulting page.

I am thinking I could have multiple sites, and the option to email an archive to the submission addresses of all major AV vendors.