USB Device support

Unlike the older smartphones/tablets, etc that used direct USB connection , most newer smartphones/tablets/devices - which when used as a storage device over usb are now setup to use MTP (or PTP).
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Granted I am still using Directory Opus (DO) 10.0 (Directory Opus Pro (5170) x64 - OS 6.1 (B:7601 P:2 T:1) SP 1.0 "Service Pack 1") at work , but do see the same issue with Directory Opus Pro 11 at home - where it often crashes when trying to connect to an MTP device (and im relegated to use the hideous windows explorer - as it least it works) as such dont know if you have made any upgrades in terms of offering support for MTP but (connecting to an MTP device and trying to use D.O. often causes D.O. 10 and 11 to crash like 80% of the time) additional support for MTP (and PTP) would be nice to have...

perhaps you guys have already done some fixes in this area - but just wanted to mention it as its often overlooked

mtp://MY Phone (Galaxy Note4)/Phone

There have been quite a few improvements to MTP over the months/years, but some devices (and the MTP stack in Windows itself, which isn't entirely stable) may still cause problems. The only way to know how well things work with a particular device is to try it.

Samsung did a firmware update a while ago which some people said improved MTP stability. Whether it applies to or would be available for your particular device (+ carrier etc.), I couldn't say.

Toggling Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable can help with some devices. When disabled it delegates more of MTP folder handling to the Windows shell, which can be better or worse depending on the device. (It should be left to True normally, but trying with False is worth a go if there are problems.)

Ill definitely look into this, i never seem to have issue with explorer - but i just cant stand explorer and love the dual vertical "commander style" of DO. Im running lollipop 5.1 on note 4 device (tmobile) - if that helps but ill look into your suggestions and report back - its just so very frustrating when DO crashes.

Sorry forgot to add that right now mtp_enable is set to 'true'; I will disable and let windows handle it and report back how that goes, but if I can provide any logs, dump data so that D.O. can be improved in future to better handle mtp devices please let me know cause i really love your software.

There is also another Samsung update doing the rounds as I type.

It may have nothing to do with MTP, but it is probably looking out for if you want your Samsung device to be up to date.

This latest update comes hot on the heels of an earlier one which broke several third party features for many people. In particular, it knocked out Bluetooth connectivity.

Thanks for emailing in the crash dumps.

They all show the same crash, which is happening inside of dlnashell.dll when it tries to de-reference a null pointer. Since the call stack has several layers between the crash and Opus itself, it's likely the bug is in that component and not due to an invalid parameter that Opus is passing (since that would usually cause a crash much closer to the point where Opus calls into the components). I can't say for sure, though, as crash dumps only provide a limited picture.

It's being triggered by the folder tree expanding, so you may be able to avoid the crash by closing the tree or by turning off Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Expand selected branch and/or Automatically expand to current folder (try both first to save time).

Using ShellExView to clock the crashing dlnashell.dll component may help as well, but it's possible that component is required for the Windows MTP stack to work. (I am not sure, to be honest. It may be unrelated, and only used for UPnP / DLNA media sharing on your network, where the shell extension may not provide much of importance.) I would try blocking it using ShellExView, then reboot and see if the problem is still there, and if any functionality you need is missing as a result. You can re-enable it in the same way if needed.

BTW, there are quite a lot of reports of dlnashell.dll crashing Explorer as well, so it seems to not be the most stable component in the world, even though it does come as part of the OS.