Usb dopus 64/32 bit

I have a delima. I have been using DOPUS 32bit on XP. I also have DOPUS on a usb key that I use at work. I have upgraded to Windows 7 64bit at home but I still us 32bit XP @ work. So, I now have DOPUS 64bit at home and DOPUS 32bit on my key. DOPUS has released an update which I have on my home computer. I would like to update the key as well but it is 32bit. I think I'm stuck. Any suggestions would be food for thought and right now I'm starving. Help. :open_mouth: ... hlight=usb

Thanks Leo, sorry for the inconvenience. I searched but missed that one. :blush:

S'alright. I only knew it was there because I remembered writing the reply. :slight_smile: