USB drives drop out when two used at once

I believe the following may be a problem with my PC, not necessarily a bug with Opus. I am hoping for guidance.

This is a new problem. I have a Win10 system version 21H2 and using the Opus 12.27 64bit. What I am experiencing is that when I have either an NTFS or FAT USB plugged in, intermittently the drive and/or folders I have selected will disappear from OPUS. See attached image. In this example I had an NTFS and a FAT USB plugged in, Drives E and F respectively, and after about 15 min., Drive F disappeared. To get it back I usually just click on the drive image in the drive bar; occasionally I have to unplug and replug the drive.

If I have multiple folders within the drive open and selected sometimes they go away but the drive remains. Since it occurs with 2 different NTFS drives and 1 FAT drive that I have tried I do not think it is the drives. I have run sfc /scannow and DISM /Online and neither discovered problems.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to trouble shoot or is there more info I can provide? Thank you.
Opus USB issue

Delete, missread

You’ll see the same outside of Opus, whichever program(s) you use to look at the drives. The devices will be dropping in and out at the OS/hardware levels and not only in one program.

USB drives can require more power than you might think these days (although it’s not surprising if you consider how hot they get under sustained use, and heat = power usage).

As Sasa says, make sure they’re getting enough power. Unpowered hubs can usually handle one USB stick but may struggle with two or with things that need more power (very fast USB sticks, HDDs, etc.).

Bandwidth is also an issue. If I plug USB sticks into the same powered hub as my (high report rate) mouse, I can see the mouse become very slow to respond while copying between the sticks at full speed.

I also thought it is USB power, but wondered and deleted my post as I read "have to press drive image again"... my experience is that the device button always disappears on disconnect on less power and you always have to replug it.

I've seen drives come and go due to low power, but other possibilities are something is wrongly broadcasting drive/media-eject events for some reason.