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Use DynamicWrapperX Call Windows API in script



Author: Yuri Popov
License: freeware
Latest version: (see the note about its installation at the bottom of this page)
OS supported: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (version also Windows 98)

DynamicWrapperX is an ActiveX component that you can use in scripts (JScript, VBScript, etc) to call:

  • functions exported by DLL libraries (in particular Windows API functions);
  • any functions whose address in memory you know ;
  • functions whose machine code (in the form of a hex string) you have .

You also can:

  • call a script function from an external function (callback);
  • read and write numbers from/to memory directly;
  • read and write strings in arbitrary encoding;
  • allocate and free memory;
  • copy the content of one memory block to another;
  • read memory into a hex string and write data from a hex string to memory;
  • get a pointer to a string, object, array, or variable;
  • get an object by a pointer to it;
  • find out the bitness (32 or 64) of the process your script is running in.

DWX was initially inspired by DynamicWrapper and written as an attempt to better implement the idea. Its code is not a modification of DynamicWrapper's code; it was written from scratch in the GoAsm assembly language.