Use Flat View on Book Marks

I use Flat View for finding duplicates. I was wondering if there was a way to use Flat View with Google Chrome instead of Google's Bookmark Manager.

If not can you recommend a good solution for cleaning up my URl's in my browser? I'm looking for duplicates and ULRs that are no longer needed, hand pick for delete. Mainly I would benefit greatly to do a Flat View to see all the files regardless of the directory they may be in.

In many cases, I need to move to different directories.

Chrome's bookmarks aren't files, so Flat View won't work on them.

As I thought. Just making sure I'm not missing something.

Asking Auntie Google might help:

"bookmarks chrome finding duplicates"

will possibly help. Personally I use an external app to manage information, bookmarks aswell. So I can't recommend a browser extension I don't use...

You can import Chrome bookmarks into Internet Explorer. They will appear as .url files in /favorites\Links, ready for some Opus-TLC. To get them back into Chrome, export them as html and import this file into Chrome.

If you want continuous synchronization, Apple's iCloud for Windows can help. You'll need iCloud Bookmarks for Chrome as well. This works fairly well, you might see a few duplicates here and there. I only have very few bookmarks in Chrome and usually move new bookmarks into regular folders from where I let Opus launch them.