Use Icaros video thumbnailer in Opus

Hello everybody,
I´m currently using Dopus 11 beta 6 and I´ve got a big problem. I´ve a large number of video files which are thumbnailed via Icaros, a special thumbnail creator which overrides windows explorer (8.1). Icaros is great for thumbnailing videos, much better than windows explorer. E.g. it searches the video, when it see a black picture in the video Icaros automatically skips forward until a valid thumbnailing picture is available. So, is there a possiblity to use Icaros in Dopus 11(10)??? The problem is that with DOpus I only see black thumbnails of my videos. With Explorer & Icaros I can see nice little preview pictures.
Thanks, Michael

Under Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins, configure the Movie plugin and turn off its Generate thumbnails option.

Opus will then fall back on the Windows shell to generate movie thumbnails, which should give you the same results as Explorer, using Icaros if it's installed as the system thumbnail generator for video files.

You may also need to clear the thumbnail cache afterwards, using Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails: Adjust cache settings...

Thanks a lot for your help, it works flawless :slight_smile:

Hello to anyone who might be reading this!

I have just installed Icaros and tried to use it. it doesn't seem to generate thumbnails for dopus.

i have:

  • disabled the Movie plugin in Dopus entirely
  • cleared the thumbnail cache in Dopus
  • built, cleared and rebuilt the thumbnail cache in Icaros
  • Re-activated thumbnailing in Icaros
  • Used cache in Icaros and compared with not using cache in Icaros
  • tried a bunch of different settings in Icaros

Anyone got a clue?

No, i haven't rebooted my PC yet =P

Is Icaros working in File Explorer?

Hi Leo! yes. they change immediately when i mess with the settings in Icaros

Have you tried emptying the Opus thumbnail cache (Preferences / File Display Mode / Thumbnails) and then opening the folder in a new window, after verifying Explorer is showing the desired thumbs?