Use MFT to calculate folder sizes?

Is there any way DOpus could use the Master File Table (MFT) directly from the disk to calculate folder sizes?

I came across WizTree a while back and now simply use that when I have a large set of folders to scan. For example I just scanned a 6TB hard drive with > a million files and it did it in 42 seconds.

DOpus took 265 seconds to enumerate the same drive. That's over 6 times slower. In fact it's so slow as to be impractical most of the time.

WizTree shows the results in a Tree View by default, sortable alphabetically, by %, size, number of items, files/folders etc., as well as a nifty File View which simply shows the entire drive contents by file size instead.

It would be good if the DOpus scan function could utilise the info already present in the MFT instead of counting up things by traversing the folder tree itself as it does currently.

I think that's how Everything works. Give EverythingFolderSize (Use Everything to calculate folder sizes) a try.

The Master File Table is part of the NTFS filesystem and for Windows system volumes -- "your C:-drive" -- it is only accessible using an elevated admin account.

File managers, at least the more shell-integrated ones like Opus, should not run elevated. So the two are mostly mutual exclusive.

FWIW: On non-system NTFS volumes (like I assume your 6TB disk is) the MFT is accessible with a regular restricted user account.

I often have to recover data from foreign hard drives as part of my work, running DOpus as admin lets me do this easily without having to override the security info for all the folders/files which can take a considerable amount of time for large user profiles and generally isn't a good idea especially if the hard drive has bad sectors and is on its way out.

So you see, in my case having a faster size enumerator would be highly appreciated. Running elevated isn't a problem for me for these sorts of tasks.

For normal day-to-day use, running DOpus un-elevated is fine.