Use of TeraCopy


I'm a new user of DOPUS and I am very impressed. My compliments to the creators.
I have one question though. I was cleaning up disk space and moved 40GB of outdated files to my NAS. A bad decision though as my system was frozen for about 3 hours and I assume the move was using all resources available. For copy/move I have been a user of TeraCopy, and this utility is much faster, including doing a CRC, and you can simply keep working during the copy/move.
Is there any way to tie TeraCopy into directory Opus, as it is can be done with Total Commander?

Thanks and looking forward to a reply.

There's a thread here about using TeraCopy with Opus: Copy & Move with TeraCopy

awesome !!! Thanks.

Found some info on the Teracopy site, about use with DOPUS.