Use portable on C Drive?

Hi There,
I purchased a normal pro 12 licence a while back. I've had it installed on my home computer and my work laptop. I recently have a new employer (I removed Opus from old work laptop) and they won't let me be an administrator of my new laptop. :- [ I'm guessing that, if I upgrade my lic to "USB" that I can run it from the C drive of my work laptop? Or does it have to actually be on a USB thumb drive??
I realize that I'll still be "locked out" of some system level stuff, but otherwise, would this work? Also, if I upgrade to the USB version for my (one) work computer, will I still be able to use the normal installed version on my (one) home computer?

USB export versions are tied to a particular USB stick when you make them (you can re-make them on another USB stick if you lose it), but can be copied to a HDD and run from there, provided the USB stick is still plugged into the machine.

Some companies block access to USB sticks, so check that you're able to plug one in and see the drive appear first. But as long as that works, you should be able to run Opus either directly from the USB stick or from the HDD while the USB stick is still plugged in, without requiring admin rights.

More detail here:!Documents/Exporting_to_USB.htm

Thanks for the quick reply Leo. So just to clarify: It has to be tied to a particular stick, but it can't instead, just be tied to a particular computer's hard drive--correct? I am able to use USB sticks, but I don't really want to have one plugged in all the time.

I guess want I want is not a "portable" version of Opus, but a "no-install" version. I would only be using it on one computer.

That's correct. It's either tied to a USB stick (doesn't have to run from it, but it has to be plugged in), or its installed normally (requires admin rights).