Use Putty's Pageant for SCP authentication

I currently use Putty and Pageant for all of my SSH needs and would REALLY like it if DOpus could use it instead of prompting me for my passphrase.

Any way to do this?

Opus SSH is based on Putty so I though it did accept these if you had it Regent running and or set correctly?

I'm not a regular user of these SSH systems and it's been a while since we wrote this code so I can't quite give any direct advice without further testing. However I have heard from other SSH users who (as I remember) told me this did work.

Anyone else have any comments?

Is there some setup I may be missing?

OK, this is way late, but just in case someone passes by...

I just discovered that if I just press OK with an empty password, it goes off asking pagent.. Would be nice if it started by trying the pagent keys before popping up the requester though..