Use selected file count in opus command

hi im new to this i cant figure out how to use {si} in opus command. It returns "{si}" instead of the count.
Can someone give me please a simple way to create a confrirmation dialog with number of selected files? thanks.

Status bar codes won't work in commands and are only meaningful to the status bar, at least in general.

You could show a custom confirmation dialog with file counts and other information via scripting, but there's obviously a learning curve if you aren't already at familiar with some form of scripting already.

The Confirm multi-open script looks very similar to what you're aiming for and might be a good starting point, or even a complete solution with no scripting knowledge required, depending on what you want to do.

Thanks man I know perl pretty well would you mind explaining a brief example running perl script in opus 12?

You would need to install ActivePerl, I think. A couple of people are using that and it works for them, but I haven't used it myself.

I'd recommend using JScript (Javascript) or VBScript if you can, as you'll have an easier time. They're built into Windows and are the languages we test the most ourselves, and the ones most of the examples are in. Perl is an option as well, but you're more on your own if you go that route.