"Use Simple Rename" button

why the "Use Simple Rename" button doesn't works in 12.25.2(Beta)
the button code is

@toggle:if $glob:dopus_Rename_Simple
@set glob!:dopus_Rename_Simple
@set glob!:dopus_Rename_Simple=1

Please be more specific about what isn't working. What are you expecting to happen? What happens instead?

All the button does is toggle the main Rename button between Simple and Advanced modes, and it works fine for me in 12.25.2 beta.

It's only meant to change what another button does; it doesn't open any dialog by itself.

I am expecting the This Dialog box

nothing happens instead

I've already answered that then.

If you want a button that opens the Simple rename dialog (instead of one which toggles what the standard toolbar Rename button does), just make one which runs Rename SIMPLE.

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Then How to use This button?

I've explained what that button does twice in this thread already.