Use single instance of DOpus when using Windows 10 virtual desktops

Greetings. I'm using Windows 10 virtual desktops and want to achieve the following:

  1. When having DOpus instance running on one virtual desktop and opening an instance of DOpus on the different virtual desktop I want to be switched to the virtual desktop that contains the first DOpus instance and that instance is to be activated. For some reason, I'm sure that I was able to do it when I was using the trial version of DOpus (that Windows installation is gone and I cannot verify it). On my new laptop, it creates a new window on each virtual desktop. "Bring the last active lister to the front" and "Open external folder in new tab" options are selected.

  2. If the request from the first paragraph not possible to achieve: can DOpus automatically sync tabs between instances on different virtual desktops? Now, when the new instance is opened on the new virtual desktop, it does not sync the tabs between each instance. For example, if I have an instance of DOpus with 3 tabs on the virtual desktop #1, then switch to desktop #2 and open DOpus there it will not show me the tabs from DOpus instance that is running on virtual desktop #1 only the tabs that were opened on the virtual desktop #2 previously (tabs in each DOpus instance on each virtual desktop can be completely different). It looks like DOpus tracks opened tabs (and restores them) separately for each virtual desktop.

I've found these topics, but neither one helped me in solving my questions (I've found a couple more, but I'm not allowed to post more than 2 links):

Turn off Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: virtual_desktop_isolation and you should get what you want.

That stuff is reasonably new, so your memory may be from before it was there. (It was effectively off by default in the past.)

Thank you very much for the prompt response! Saved me a lot of nerves :slight_smile:

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