Used space column replaced with Percent Free

Hi, With version 12.21, the Used Space column has been replaced with Percent Free column. I've removed the Percent Free, added back Used Space and saved the lister. Open the lister again and Used Space has again been replaced with Percent Free. Keep up the great work.

Did you save the new setting? Just saving the lister may be not enough. Try

Set SAVEFORMAT=folder,replace

I occasionally make changes to my default lister and save it as the default lister and never had any problems. Changes have always been saved. I've never used SAVEFORMAT.

But this wasn't from me changing the lister. The Used Space column was replaced with Percent Free simply by installing the update (v12.21). After the update, the different column appeared in the lister. I've tried putting back Used Space but Percent Free shows up again after reopening the lister.

If you change the columns in the lister and close the window, nothing is saved unless you explicitly save it. Those changes are only temporary, to that one window, unless saved.

The easiest way to see/edit which columns show up in This PC is via Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats. There's a special This PC format in the System folders section.

You can also use the Save button in the Folder > Folder Options dialog. (You don't need to use a special command for it. There's a UI.)

It's possible the column IDs got bumped accidentally when the new column was added in 12.21; I'm looking into that. (Although, if we fix that, it'll mean they change again.)

If I make changes to what I want as the default lister, I always save as the default lister and that's what I did here. Always worked fine before. But after update, it continued to revert back to Percent Free again (after reboot).

I made the change as you suggested Leo, through "This PC" folder formats. That worked and remains persistent. Thank you.

FYI, I've been seeing Used Space under This PC for a very long time and only after the update did it suddenly begin appearing as Percent Free. So perhaps an enumeration bump did occur. Again, thanks.

The Default Lister doesn't usually affect folder formats.

There is an option in Preferences to make the Default Lister apply its saved folder formats when you open it, but you would not usually want to turn that on, since it only affects what happens when the Default Lister opens, not what happens in any folder you navigate to after opening it.

Thank you for the reply. In Preferences, I found Launching Opus | Default Lister | Ignore folder format of Default Lister. I have it checked. I believe that's the one you are referring to, so having it checked is good for consistency by not relying on formats stored with Default Lister. Thank you.