User Command favs not working

Have created a User Command which contains the raw command Favorites.
Added this user command to a new toolbar I cxreated, but all I end up with is a button on it, not a population of favorites.
If I subsequntly edit that button, it shows the command is UserCommand1. If I change that to Favorites then it works fine.
Ok, so I have a workaround but I want to know what is wrong with doing it via a user command. I'll want to create others soon.

Speaking of Favorites, I want a bunch of favs pointing to my C: drive, and another bunch with the same names but pointing to my O: drive.
It seemed the best way was to create C: and O: sub folders within Favs. But I can't see any command that will populate a toolbar with a particular Favs Subfolder.
I can say Favorites C: and Favorites O: but that then creates C: & O: entries in my toolbar which I have to click to see the items within. I want to see all those items within populating my toolbar.
Any ideas anyone?

I don't have time to try it right now but it may just be that UserCommands don't work with buttons which generate multiple buttons or submenus. I think UserCommands are more for actions, rather than for toolbar generation/layout. There might be a way to get it to work, though; I'm just guessing.

To filter the favourites list by path you need to use the PATH argument:

Favorites PATH C:

That will display all favourites begining with C:

There's also a way to display only a sub-folder of the favourites tree, although I can't work out how to do it. (It definitely works as I used to use it, but it escapes me now.)

Thanks. The "Favorites PATH C:" option is what I tried (I did the shortcut version "Favorites C:") but you then only see the subfolder listed and have to click on that to see its entries.
You last statment is what I really want, to list directly a sub-folder. Am waiting with bated breath to see if you can think of the answer.

Jon to the rescue. You use the PATH argument but put a * before the path to display sub-branches of the favourites tree.

For example, here's my normal list of favourites:

If I change the toolbar command from



Favorites SHOWICONS PATH *Opus...

then I see this:

You can put quotes around the path if you need to. e.g. "*Opus..." works, so you shouldn't have to worry about spaces in names.

You are a complete star, don't let anyone tell you different.
Thanks heaps.
It's a damn smart program but not everything it can do is obvious how to drive.