User command not working correctly

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a user-command named "TestMove" with this code:
@set Folder={dlgstring|Name des Ordners:|{file$|noext}}
  1. Now create a button with "TestMove". This will work fine. Selected files will be moved to the new folder.
  2. Put the command TestMove to the context menu for e.g. "all files and folders"
  3. Run the command from the context menu: the Create folder dialog will pop up for each file ending up with an error message because all files where already moved and couldn't be found anymore in sourcepath.
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From a button, it runs without @runonce, and from a context menu, it doesn't even run with @runonce. Two surprises in one command, nice :smiley:

From a quick test the behaviour seems to be the same in Opus 12, so while it does seem wrong it's not specifically an Opus 13 issue. We'll put it on the list for after the Opus 13 release.