User input needed on synchronization


I noticed that I have continuous warnings while using the synchronize option. The warning states " The folder contains items whose names are too long for the Recycle Bin".

Using the search I came to this [url]Deleting files with LFN] post but it's quite old and not 100% relevant.

Since I don't know if this message will pop-up I would prefer to have the synchronization running unattended. There is already a similar option (run unattended) in the file copy/move so maybe it's possible to extend this functionality here?

If you turn off Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Delete to Recycle Bin where possible (supports undo) then you won't see the message.

(The files will be deleted without using the recycle bin, but then they would anyway as the Recycle Bin does not support files with very long names due to a limitation in Windows itself.)

If possible, it's best to reduce the length of the paths you're using (e.g. by renaming/reoganising things) as very long paths (>250 characters) will cause problems with a lot of software, and with parts of Windows itself (as is the case here; the error is from Windows rather than Opus itself).

Hi, thank you for your quick response.

Yes, I found that option (thanks to the post I referred to earlier) but I don't want to disable that option permanently actually.
Indeed, it's somewhere a deep path from a network drive but reorganizing isn't really an option (let alone find all the directories).

I guess I'll disable/enable the option prior synchronizing.

BTW, great piece of software you have.