User Tags

Could we put tags on our avatars on this forum. The user could choose from three tags.
Beginner B Intermediate I or Advanced A
A tag for computer experience, and also a tag for Opus experience.

That way no one has to guess how much that person knows, and then admin would know from one glance if they should recommend a beginner friendly knowledge base article or tutorial video etc. or if that wouldn't be necessary.

I think that would just clutter the forum. "Advanced" doesn't tell anyone if you know a particular area or not so it wouldn't be that useful in general, and other people read threads for answers in any case, not just the person who starts the thread.

You can add information to your profile but people would need to look at it to find it.


These guys have been designing practical software for over 30 years, a hallmark of the Australian culture. They have over 100 years of combined programming experience on multiple platforms and PhDs in computer science, so I think they know what they are doing. If you think you have a superior IQ than them, write your File Management software.

When did I even go anywhere near this kind of talk?
I just thought it would be helpful, that's all I'm trying to do here.

Please tag mine 'Humble Beginner' and very thankful !

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